Monday, July 5, 2010

Jamrock Caribbean Bar & Grill

The spirit of Bob Marley is alive and well at Jamrock Caribbean Bar & Grill!

I wasn't sure what to expect from Jamrock, but the immediate and warm welcome I received told me I was in for a good experience. As I walked in, both the bartender and the nearest waitress both shouted welcome over the reggae music and directed me to sit anywhere I would like. Between the music, the bold red, yellow, and green colors, and the mural of Bob Marley and some of his more famous lyrics on the walls, Jamrock has casual fun written all over it.

I settled into a booth next to a window and my waitress arrived promptly and cheerfully to bring me a menu and take my drink order. I opted to go with the Kingston Curry with goat and sides of sweet potato fries and rice and sat back to enjoy the fun vibe and see what others were eating around me. The table immediately to my right was enjoying their Conch Fritters and Island Quesadillas - and I have to admit that both looked fantastic! My wait didn't last too long before my meal was brought to me on a perfectly presented plate and accompanied by the tantalizing smell of the curry and goat.

As I dove in, I was a little surprised by the bones in my meat - it wasn't anything I couldn't get past, but it wouldn't have been my first choice. Regardless, the taste of the goat with the curry sauce was excellent - the garlic and curry flavors worked very well and the meat absolutely fell apart to the touch of my fork. The rice that accompanied the curry was adequate and worked well to sop up some of the juice, but overall wasn't anything special on it's own. As a sucker for anything sweet potato, I definitely enjoyed the fries as well, but like the rice, they didn't stand out on their own at all. I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple plaintain chips on the plate - they provided the perfect finish to cleanse the palate.

I absolutely plan on returning to sample several other items on the menu - their Jerk Chicken looked excellent at another diner's table, and the sound of the Rasta Pasta (Jerk Chicken with peppers, Parmesan cheese, and an Alfredo sauce served over Penne pasta) is enough to draw me back.

Overall, I was pleased with Jamrock - the service was excellent, I was treated like a valued guest, the feel was very casual and upbeat, and the food was very good. I would not hesitate to suggest Jamrock to friends looking for something a little different at the beach and look forward to trying it again!

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